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Outlining Strategies to Combat the Affordable Housing Crisis

Creating the Urban Dream Book Cover

Creating the Urban Dream

For many, the American Dream is the promise of upward mobility and a safe, stable home to raise a family. Sadly, the deck is stacked against many of us in the pursuit of this dream.

In Creating the Urban Dream, Clay Grubb offers hope through concrete solutions for working within the current system and rebuilding it as something greater.

“We now find ourselves in a period with tremendous demand for new housing but with little production, something that just feels downright un-American,” Clay begins. “Today’s housing problem is estimated to eclipse $1 trillion, yet our government keeps trying to tackle the problem with the same agencies and policies that were created during the Jim Crow era that resulted in today’s problem.”

From emergency lines of credit, to gentrification, to the history of the crisis, and the stories of those on the front lines, Creating the Urban Dream takes an unflinching look at where we are as a country and the best paths forward.

Creating the Urban Dream is an important read for those who struggle within this system, for the developers hoping to be part of the solution, and for anyone looking to understand the housing crisis as it exists today.

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